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Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Shop for mobile PC- and GPS-solutions

Product comments of kauppamies

2,5" HDD 160GB SATA
 | 20.08.2011
Excellent value for money, however as the drive is not a SSD it needs to be protected from vibrations when installed to a car to prevent premature failure, but if used in as a drive for a desktop workstation should work fine for long periods of time with minimal power usage and noise.

Car-PC Power Adapter EU to UK Power Adapter EU to UK
 | 20.08.2011
Good buy for anyone who either travels a lot or lives in UK and got a device bought from other EU countries.

Car-PC M3-ATX-HV 6-34V DC/DC (95 Watt) [picoPSU-format !] M3-ATX-HV 6-34V DC/DC (95 Watt) [picoPSU-format !]
 | 20.08.2011
Perfect buy for a person who either needs a car pc or runs a computer in their summer home that is off grid and is only powered by solar power, and as such needs to be able to adapt to power fluctuations that the draining of batteries cause.